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Weston Vacuum Sealer Bags
Please note: We cannot ship this item to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada

Excellent for freezing meats and fish! These heavy-duty bags seal out freezer burn and extend the life of most foods in the freezer as well as the refrigerator or even dry storage. Weston Brand Commercial Grade Vacuum Bags are reusable and dishwasher safe! Works with Most Vacuum Sealers.
For use with the Weston Pro 2100 & Pro 2300 Vacuum Sealers. May also fit other brands of vacuum sealers.

Available in four sizes and in a Multi-Pack
Each pack contains 100 bags except Multi-Pack which is 50 bags
Two-ply nylon, 3/5 Mil Vacuum Bag
Reusable and dishwasher safe
Locks out moisture to keep foods fresher three to five times longer than ordinary storage methods
Convenient for use in the microwave or for boiling food
Multi-Pack contains - 25 - 8" x 12", 15 - 11" x 16" & 10 - 8" x 24" Bags
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Weston Vacuum Sealer Bags
Weston Vacuum Sealer Bags
8" x 12"
3 lbs
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Weston Vacuum Sealer Bags
11" x 16"
5.5 lbs
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Weston Vacuum Sealer Bags
15" x 18"
7 lbs
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Weston Vacuum Sealer Bags
6" x 10"
2.5 lbs
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Weston Vacuum Sealer Bags
3 lbs
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