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Weston Jerky Kit
Weston Jerky Kit
Want to start making your own Jerky but don't know where to start? The Weston Brand Jerky Kit will have you making delicious, nutritious Jerky in no time! Our all-inclusive kit has everything you need to make delicious jerky right out of the box.
The Weston Jerky Kit includes:
The Original Jerky Gun Jr. - 1lb capacity
Four Stainless Steel Precision Jerky Attachments:
1. Single Snack Stick Attachment 1/2" diameter
2. Dual Snack Stick Attachment 1/2" diameter
3. Single Jerky Strip Attachment 1/8 X 3/4"
4. Dual Jerky Strip Attachment 1/8 X 3/4"
3-Tier, Non-stick, Oven Drying Rack with Baking Tray
(Tray measures 16 3/4 X 14")
Jerky Funnel & Stomper
Original Flavor Jerky Seasoning Kit
(Seasons up to 20lbs of meat)
Easy Cleaning Brush Set
Weston Jerky Kit
Item Number: OWS025001W
Price: $93.29
Shipping Weight: 16 lbs
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Weston Jerky Kit