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All American Pressure Cooker 915 15 Quart

Attention: Due to remarkably high demand orders for All American Pressure Canners (910, 915, 921, 925, 930 & 941) will not ship until late January. (This is only an estimate, manufacturing delays may cause the shipping date to be longer than anticipated.)
Orders for All American Pressure Canners will not be charged until the order is ready to ship.
All American 915 Pressure Cooker

Please note: All American Pressure Canners are not recommended for use on glass top/ flat ranges without first checking with your stove manufacturer because their weight may cause the glass/ceramic to break. The diameter of the canners are larger than most burners and may cause heat to transfer outward and damage the surrounding surface. All American Pressure Canners are intended and manufactured solely for home use applications. they are not intended for commercial applications.

The All American Pressure Cooker 915 15 Quart is not recommended for canning SMOKED fish as the size of this canner does not allow for adequate heating and cooling times..
(9 reviews)
The All American line of pressure cookers offer the safest and best method for home canning. The U.S.D.A. recommends that pressure canning is the only way to can meat, poultry, and all vegetables. This unit has the holding capabilities needed for preparing large quantities of food and pressure cooking inexpensive meat cuts to juicy tenderness in a short time, as well as being able to can foods. Only the All American Pressure Cookers feature an exclusive, precision machined "Metal-to-Metal" sealing system. Positive action clamping locks align the cover to the base forming a steam tight seal. Because no gasket is involved, the cover is always easily opened and closed.
The All American Pressure Cooker 915 15 Quart features:
  • Professional quality, extra heavy duty cast aluminum construction throughout for fast & even heating
  • Geared steam gauge
  • Stay-cool bakelite top handle
  • Equipped with 2 automatic venting features which provide an extra margin of safety (the safety control valve & overpressure plug)
  • Pressure regulator weight with settings of 5, 10 and 15 psi
  • Smooth, easy to clean satin finish
  • Double thickness edges for additional protection on points of heaviest wear
All American Pressure Cooker 915 15 Quart
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Includes cooking/canning rack and instruction & recipe book
Capacity - 15 1/2 Quarts (Liquid), 10 Pint Jars, 7 Quart Jars
Inside diameter - 12 5/8 inches
Inside Height - 7 1/2 inches
Overall Length - 15 1/2 inches
Overall Height - 12 1/2 inches
*Jar capacities are based on round regular mouth standard Mason jar sizes.
Made in the U.S.A.
1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Underwriters Laboratories Listed

Customer Reviews
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Still going strong
Cindy McLane
I have been using my All American pressure cooker for over 40 years, the same one. It still performs as solid today as the day I bought it ($30.00)!
Posted at 9:36:pm 06/06/20
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only lasts 75 years, so far
David S Hall
I inherited my Grandma's All American pressure canner 25 years ago and it still works great! Exactly the same as the new ones, it is at least 50 years old, probably close to 75. I use it every season for hot sauce, green beans, tomatoes.
Says it comes with a 1 year limited warranty, that's funny.
Posted at 1:11:am 05/15/20
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Smoked Fish
Faith Barnes
I read the reason to not can smoked fish in the 915 (15.5 quart) is that safe processing times have not been determined for less than 16 quart pressure cookers. (Which probably involves the heating and cooling time as mentioned below.) It would be nice if safe processing times were determined for the 15.5 quart pressure cooker, or a 16 quart one was available. I'll have to go with the 921 again, which is a great product, just a little heavy for me.
Posted at 2:03:am 09/04/18
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Double Row of 1/2 Pint Jars
Faith Barnes
Is it possible to can two rows of 1/2 pint wide mouth jars? Thank you for your help.
Posted at 9:10:am 09/02/18
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Canning Fish
Customer Service
This recommendation is only for smoked fish so go ahead and can your non-smoked fish.
Posted at 12:40:pm 06/23/16
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In response to comment answer about smoked fish
Faith Barnes
How does heating up and cooling down faster make it so smoked fish should not be canned. Is it possible to can fish that has not been smoked (with the 915)? Thank You.
Posted at 6:05:pm 05/18/16
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Response to Faith
Customer Service
It is recommended to not can smoked fish with the 915 because the smaller cooker heats up and cools down much faster than the larger cookers.
Posted at 1:56:pm 08/31/15
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I have the 921 and use it for canning red salmon in 1/2 pint Mason jars. I really want a 910 or maybe a 915 for the same purpose. I see it says they are not recommended for canning fish. I'm wondering what the reason could be?

Thank You,
Posted at 4:16:am 08/31/15
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All American Pressure Cooker/Canner 915 15 Quart