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Granite Ware Water Bath Canners

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Features Graniteware's speckled porcelain-on-steel that is lightweight, durable, stain, acid, and odor resistant and easy to clean. Includes wire rack with handles. Measurements are given in LxWxH. Please note: Not for use on glass, flat top or ceramic cooktops. These canners are designed for water bath canning. They are not recommended for other uses. Cannot be used with 1/2 gallon jars.
The Granite Ware Water Bath Canners features:
High domed vapor seal cover with handle, two side handles
Complete with galvanized wire rack
Mediterranean black, with white spray enameled finish
11.5Qt. canner measures - 11 3/4" diameter x 7 1/2" tall
and holds 4 quart jars, 7 pint jars or 7 one-half pint jars
21Qt. canner measures - 14" diameter x 9 1/2" tall
and holds 7 quart jars, 9 pint jars or 12 one-half pint jars
33Qt. canner measures - 16 1/2" diameter x 9 1/2" tall
and holds 9 quart jars, 14 pint jars or 17 one-half pint jars (33Qt canner does not have handles)
Cooks faster and cleans easier
Canner is dishwasher safe
Hand wash and dry rack

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